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Restraining orders are a mixture of family law, civil law, and criminal law. There exists a need for a true trial attorney to represent your goals. Our firm prides itself in helping those in need of legal assistance, advice, and guidance. As such, David D. Diamond and his legal team concentrate their practice on temporary restraining orders and permanent restraining orders in the State of California, with a focus in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Mr. Diamond aggressively pursues Court orders on behalf of those who are victims of domestic violence and/or civil harassment and need protection. The firm also defends against any temporary restraining order sought for frivolous or unlawful purposes. In addition, we are able to seek, and often get, legal fees in the family law and civil courtrooms.

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There are numerous forms, many of which are very complicated, that must be properly filled out and filed with the Court to obtain a temporary restraining order in California. As such, David D. Diamond is devoted to representing your interests to the best of his abilities. After the TRO hearing, Mr. Diamond prepares for the permanent restraining order hearing, which is a hearing (mini-trial) where both sides put on evidence and witnesses.

Types of Restraining Orders

There are many different types of restraining orders. For example, a civil harassment restraining order is designed to protect victims of unlawful violence, threats of violence, or conduct that seriously alarms the victims. Domestic violence restraining orders help protect families who are suffering from domestic abuse. This could include sexual assault, threats, bodily harm, and more.

An emergency protective order (EPO) is issued by a law enforcement officer with the permission of a judge or commissioner. An elder abuse restraining order can is issued if a person over the age of sixty-five has been abused or feels threatened. This could include emotional abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, neglect, or sexual abuse. If you have questions regarding restraining orders, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm.

How a California Restraining Order Attorney Could Help

Attorney David Diamond is a State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist, which is a direct indicator of his commitment to the field of criminal law. Criminal law specialists must pass a written examination, they must undergo at least 45 hours of continuing education and they must meet the additional, comprehensive requirements set by The State Bar of California.

His goal is simple… to provide quality representation effectively and efficiently. He strives to meet all of his clients' needs and concerns, regardless of the complexity or difficulty of the matter. As a result, the firm has the dedication, fortitude and commitment to see your matter to a proper resolution. Our law firm’s main office is located between the outskirts of Downtown Los Angeles and Wilshire's Financial District. We also have locations in Burbank and Santa Clarita.

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